What our Customers say...


Great team! I highly recommend them!

You are true experts of mold remediation! 

Thank you for testing my home for mold! 

Thanks guys!

We recently had a sewage backup upstairs. Thank you for cleaning up the mess. I was very overwhelmed but you all saved the day!

Thank you so much!

SERVPRO provided the quickest service. Thank you so much! You all saved my basement.

Our business appreciates your hard work! Thanks again. 

Thank you for the quick service.

Calling SERVPRO of Southern and Central Jefferson County was the best decision I could've made! 

We appreciate your business! 

Thank you times 100!

We appreciate the SERVPRO of Southern and Central Jefferson County team! The BEST restoration team around.   

Thank you for your professionalism during this tragic event.

100% satisfied!

Very friendly team! 

Quick service! Thank you!

After a recent sewer backup in our home, we called SERVPRO of Southern and Central Jefferson County and were very impressed with their work. They were thorough, honest, empathetic and helpful through the entire process. As we are beginning the restoration stage, they are helping us put our house back together and making recommendations so that we will be happy with our home when it is completed. We highly recommend.